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Playstation 3 Slim

19 August 2009 Leave a comment

Reading the news this morning I found that the new PS3 Slim was released.  I was really excited about this, especially the fact that it has got a matt black finish.

As you can see in the image above, it looks awfully much like a STB; I am however pretty sure that it will look a look better in real life.

So, I headed over to the official website and delve a bit deeper.  Comparing it to my current system (original 60gig with hardware backwards compatibility support) I don’t think that I will replace the one I have.

Some of the features (or lack thereof) include:

  • Bravia® Sync™ – when connected to a Bravia TV, your PS can be controlled using the TV’s remote control and the PS will also turn off with the TV
  • Vertical stand has to be bought separately
  • Other operating systems are no longer supported
  • 32% smaller, 36% lighter and  34% more energy efficient according to
  • 120GB hard drive (where 1KB = 1000bytes, not the standard 1024)
  • 2 USB ports
  • No memory card readers
  • No mention of backwards compatibility with PS1/2 games

Being released in September 2009, just in time for Christmas, it would make the perfect gift. Amazon is taking pre-orders (here) but there seems to be no bundles available as yet.

Please share your thoughts on the new PS3 Slim