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Invalid JSON primitive in Chrome

24 April 2010 2 comments

I ran into the strangest problem today.  My Ajax call to my web service failed with the error “Invalid JSON primitive”, but only in Chrome…it worked in all my other browsers.

After reading up a bit it seemed to be a problem with the data being sent to the service.  Strange enough I was not sending any…and that turned out to be the problem. 

So for whoever runs into this problem, try setting the data parameter in jQuery to nothing, like in the code below.

    type: "POST",
    contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
    url: "DataService.asmx/ProjectList",
    dataType: "json", //response type
    data: "{}", // IMPORTANT
    success: function(msg, success) {
        if (success == 'success') {
            //good response
            data = eval(msg.d);
            // attach the template
            $("#slideshow").setTemplateElement('projectFaderTemplate', null, { runnable_functions: true });
            // process the template
        } else {
            $('#msg').html('Error: ' + msg.d); //service returned an error
    error: function(msg, e) {
        $('#msg').html('Error.  Please contact Technical.'); //error with ajax call

Hope this helps someone.